• Saturday, 22 June 2024
  • WoW: New Torghast Wings, Fame Levels, Legendarys and More

    The new week in WoW's Shadowlands has begun, and we reveal what unlocks and special loot await you in this ID. Included: the freshly opened Torghast...
  • WoW: New screenshots and wallpapers set the mood for Shadowlands launch

    Things are boiling in the Shadowlands! The anima drought is spreading in the afterlife of World of Warcraft and the four great realms of the dead are...
  • Blizzard advertises World First Race / WoW No.1 on Twitch again

    In this ID of World of Warcraft, the World First race in Castle Nathria has started, and the ambitious Progress Guilds are happily wiping their way...